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We are able to continue work while Covid-19 measures are in place

As an outdoor trade we are able to carry out work providing we follow social distancing rules.

We can conduct all correspondence by phone and email. To protect our staff we do ask that during this time all payments are made electronically.

Lord of the Trees Ltd have been safely delivering all aspects of tree surgery in Edinburgh and the Lothians since 2000 for both commercial and private clients.

With more than 19 years experience, we are the team to trust for:

We currently undertake regular tree surgery for Duddingston Golf Club (Edinburgh) , D.J. Alexander Residential Property Managers (Edinburgh) and Edinburgh's Queen Street Gardens.

We pride ourselves on working safely, efficiently and with the minimum of disruption to the property owner and we are able to offer our private customers the same exacting standards of tree care that we offer our commercial clients.

Have a look at a sample of felling in an enclosed space we undertook for a private client in Edinburgh.

Tree convervation areas and Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a number of conservation areas which means that, within these areas, an application to the council is required before working on any tree that is over seven centimetres in diameter. This covers pruning as well as tree removal.

There are also a number of Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) covering individual trees and the fines for undertaking unauthorised work on a protected tree can be substantial.

We have a great deal of experience in working within these frameworks and have been granted many applications to work with protected trees. We are happy offer advice on the likely implications of these measures and can work on your behalf to obtain any relevant permissions.

Contact us for free no-obligation advice on the implications of tree conservation areas and TPOs


As you might expect, fire wood is a natural by-product of tree surgery work. While this wood can be burned straight away it has a very high moisture content which impairs combustion and increases the amount of smoke produced. All of our hard wood firewood and soft wood firewood is seasoned in our heated barn for at least two years which dries the wood out making it much easier to burn and suitable for home fires and wood-burning stoves. We can now also offer kiln-dried firewood which guarantees a cleaner, hotter burn. Order firewood now from our firewood page.

Contact us

John Lord
John Lord
We are happy to provide advice and no-obligation quotations absolutely free-of-charge.

You can call on
07968 865 826, email me at or use the form below to get in touch.

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Our new Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) lets us safely reach the places others can’t.

Reviews and testimonials

"Thank you for your skilful work and for leaving everything so tidy-thank you again for a good job done"
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Have a look at our Google Reviews

"Thank you very much for a difficult and arduous task - very well done"
"Needed something done to 3 conifers that we were told were dwarf ( they were HUGE and very wide, certainly not dwarf ) The guys were very professional and polite and certainly worked hard in the heat. Well worth enlisting their services and very good price. Garden looks so much better now." * * * * *
"Excellent company. Second time using Lord of the Trees - highly recommend. No job is too small. First time round, removed VERY high branches from an oak tree; that and other trees now under control and was able to cut back the branches myself so this time they just chipped the branches. Thanks John and the boys !!" * * * * *
"Fantastic firm. Very professional, arrived on time, quick and tidy. Did a great job and competitively priced. Will definitely use them again." * * * * *




Removal or shortening of individual problem limbs or branches, for example those reaching a house or telephone more about tree pruning



We can fell or dismantle any size of tree, from Leylandii which have outgrown their garden to mighty 100ft+ more about tree felling



Professional advice on suitable tree types, from small woodland planning to individual garden trees as well as a full planting more about tree planting

Hedge cutting

Hedge Cutting

We are able to cut virtually any hedge of any height with our mobile platform and long reach hedge cutters. more about hedge cutting



This is usually the best time to prune roses and other flowering bushes in time for the next growing season. This does vary between species and we’re happy to offer advice on pruning times for just about any garden plant. Andrew is our horticultural expert and has more than eight years experience. He even knows the latin names (well most of them).

Care should be taken when carrying out tree work in spring as this is the nesting season and it is an offence to disturb an active nest. If you’re unsure we’re happy to advise on what work can be undertaken and, if a nest is active, when it is likely to be vacated.


The long days of summer are best for very large dismantling works. Tree surgery can be dangerous for trees and property, not to mention tree surgeons(!) and we take safety seriously. We would never undertake high-risk work in reduced visibility and while we do get some beautiful winter days, the longer daylight hours mean we can often do twice as much in a single day in summer as we can in the depths of winter. This cuts down on time spent loading / unloading tools, making the site safe and ultimately reducing inconvenience for the customer.

If you have a very large tree which has experienced storm damage (or you think it might in the future) it is worth considering ‘crown thinning’ in summer to reduce the cross sectional area which makes the tree less vulnerable to the effects of high winds. Pruning also gets rid of dead or diseased branches which are the most likely to fail in strong winds.


The best time for tree planting most species as it gives tree roots plenty of time to grow before the drier summer months.

There are still usually enough hours in the day to undertake medium to large tree works. The weather is also usually more forgiving for outdoor work than it is in spring.

Hedges such as beech can be pruned in Autumn as the growing season has ended and this will keep them looking presentable over winter and spring until the next growth phase.


Trees can still be planted in winter but it should only be done if the ground isn’t frozen. Generally, planting should be done as long before summer as possible to give root systems time to establish. That said, we can advise on the best way to encourage root growth and give your new arrivals the best possible start in life.

While the shorter daylight hours aren’t ideal for major tree works, this is often the time of year when storms and high winds make tree work essential. We have a great deal of experience in dealing with these incidents and safe systems of work to cover all eventualities, from removing branches and limbs from telephone cables and power lines to extracting fallen trees from damaged properties. This type of work is the most difficult and should only be undertaken by a professional. A failed limb can create enormous tension in the limb itself and the rest of the tree which is invisible to the untrained eye. A cut in the wrong place can release huge amounts of potentially lethal force. If you are in any doubt please give us a call, we offer free no-obligation advice and quotations and would much rather you got in touch to ask questions than risk damage to your property or yourself.

As with many things, prevention is better than cure. We’re happy to provide free no-obligation consultations on any work that could reduce the risk of a failure before it happens.


Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) and Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations (2017) it is a criminal offence to destroy a bat nest or bat roost that attracts a potentially *unlimited* fine. If you suspect there may be bats living in your trees and you’re thinking of doing tree work or having it carried out for you please let us know before you start. Our team are trained in the identification of bat habitat and can advise on appropriate courses of action that will not fall foul of the law.


Meet the team

The Lord of the Trees Team


John Lord

John Lord Tree Surgeon

John started the company after working as a sub contractor to learn the ‘ropes’. When he was sub-contracting he used to load his saws and ropes and other kit into panniers on his motorbike and travel as far afield as the Highlands and Glasgow for work- earning a reputation for his ability to tackle dangerous trees.
He started ‘Lord of the Trees’ in the late 90’s and initially it was just him and a sub-contractor.
Before he had a family he and his girlfriend (at the time- now wife) used to process and bag and deliver all the firewood at the weekends (who said romance is dead😂).


Andrew Senior Site Foreman Andrew is one of the charge hands at Lord of the Trees. Joining us after completing his Level 2 in Arboriculture from the Barony College- graduating with a double distinction. Previously enjoying? A career as a nurse he has moved on from looking after humans to looking after Trees. He’s a dog lover, and has a young family at home. He’s in charge of one of the teams and is our principle arborist and surveyor.


Elan the climber A slip of a lad at 24, Elan can scale a tree at a rate that makes the more ‘experienced’ members of the team think wistfully of years gone by. Elan joined us in 2016 and has built a reputation for skill and dedication that belies his youth. He’s also our resident environmentalist and is the first to spot a nest or a bat roost.


Local Lad Lewis Local lad Lewis is one of our climbers he came to us straight from the Barony College having completed his certificate in arboriculture, he's now honing his climbing skills with Lord of the Trees.

Lewis aka Chilly loves skateboards and festivals and his slightly long in the tooth Skoda car.

This pic shows his love of nature but he wouldn’t eat it as he’s a vegan!


Seai Seai joined our team as his second job after leaving school- first employed being a security guard in fife ( Seai did not enjoy this line of work) he’s much happier swinging about the tree tops maybe it’s in his blood as his dad is a tree surgeon too.

He’s just about to do all his NPTC courses and exams for all the skills he’s been learning with us. He was so keen to work with us that he used to drive from fife to East Lothian but he’s recently moved a little closer to us!


Rob Our newest recruit used to work for BT open reach but so determined was he for a career change that Rob put himself through his NPTC tickets in order to become a tree surgeon. Rob is another team member following in his fathers footsteps as Rob’s dad was also a local tree surgeon

Rob has swapped hanging off a pole for BT to hanging about in trees with Lord of the trees. Rob is now honing his skills learning pruning and dismantling techniques with our advanced climbers.


Advice / quotation

If you contact us, one of our senior team (John or Andrew) will contact you to arrange a time to visit that is convenient to you. They will then attend site to get ‘eyes on’ the proposed work. At this stage everything is completely free and you are under no obligation to proceed. Within 2 working days you will receive a written quotation. If you have any questions at this point you are very welcome to contact us and we can adjust things as necessary.

Instruction to proceed

If you want to go ahead with the proposed works, let us know and we will arrange a time and date that suits you. We will also obtain any permits that might be necessary and notify statutory bodies and local authorities.

Set up

We arrive when we say we will and set out working site boundaries if required (ie with barriers or hazard tape) and lay out protective sheets for delicate lawns. John or Andrew will then brief the team on the scope of the work, the plan of operation and the safety arrangements.

The works

Working to the plan of operation, the team work safely and efficiently, checking off work items as they are complete. For any work with a safety impact, John or Andrew will remain on site to keep a managing eye on proceedings and make sure that no-one gets too tired or ‘hangry’ which can lead to mistakes.


If a job requires more than one day of work, we remove all tools from site at the end of each day and ensure that the site is safe. If necessary we will leave hazard tape and barriers surrounding any unsafe areas (strictly within the client’s property boundary)

The cleanup

Smaller branches and leaves are put through our wood chipper and turned into mulch which goes to our local plant nursery. Large branches are processed into manageable lengths and taken away to be turned into firewood. If you’d like to keep either the mulch or the firewood just let us know and we’ll be happy to put them aside for you.

We then use rakes and leaf-blowers to get rid of any remaining waste and sawdust and put everything back the way we found it (minus the tree of course).

Follow up

Within 10 working days you will receive an invoice as well as an invitation for feedback. We’re very proud of our perfect google score. If anything has fallen below your expectations, please let us know. We’d rather a customer let us know about an issue so that we can fix it rather than leaving them unhappy.


Feel free to call 07968 865 826 or email or if you prefer use our contact form to send an enquiry.